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How to play russian roulette

How to play russian roulette casino

The dealer spins the roulette wheel and throws the ball. You can place a bet until the casino representative says, “Bets have been placed”. Usually the croupier asks players to suspend bets for three turns of the wheel until the end. After the ball stops moving, the croupier announces the winning number and places a special marker (dolly or pipe) on the field.
As long as the token is set on the field, you cannot do any betting operations. Next, the croupier removes from the table all those who have not played bets and makes payments on winning options.

The lowest probability of winning is 35: 1 for a bet on one number, so players who make such a bet get the biggest win, for example, a $ 35 net win on a single bet. The highest probability of winning with bets on equal chances – the player receives a net amount of winnings equal to the bet amount.

Winning odds in ascending order for all bets:

35: 1 – one number;
17: 1 – two numbers;
11: 1 – three numbers;
8: 1 – four numbers;
5: 1 – six numbers;
2: 1 – “Dozen”, “Column”;
1: 1 – bets on equal chances: “Red or Black”, “Even or Odd”, “Big or Small”.

At the end of the payout, the dealer removes the token from the field, and players can withdraw their winnings. Now it is possible to make a new bet.

how to play russian roulette at casino
how to play russian roulette at casino

How to play russian roulette drinking game

Players are divided into numbers (if many), or colors (if two). Alcohol is poured into all glasses. Then everything happens as in the classic game “Truth or Action”. The player who dropped the ball is asked a question that he must answer truthfully, if the player does not want to answer – absorbs the penalty stack.
You can also pour different drinks into all the stacks (the more diverse, the better), break down the numbers and try your luck. In general, fantasize and come up with your own fun rules of drunken roulette, by the way the process of inventing the rules can be good fun.

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